St. Columba

The Order of the Longing Look is the name Andrew Peers received in a powerful terma-vision he received in 2010, while still a contemplative monk. The vision revealed the name for a path neither Buddhist or Christian, yet borrowing from both, so as to go beyond both. The path was symbolically linked to the Irish saint, Columcille.


Chogyam Trungpa

Columcille was above all a bringer of peace, symbolized by the dove in many of his portraits. Yet his father was a Druid, and Columcille learned from him. Columcille founded monastery on the Scottish island of Iona in the 6th century, an place originally known as Isla nan Druideach, Isle of the Druids. Visitors to the island are often struck by the sense of peace they find there. Towards the end of his life Chogyam Trungpa read the story of Columcille and recognized in it his own pre-Buddhist faith with its affinity with nature.

The Order of the Longing Look offers a spirituality based on bravery and a path to the rediscovery of primordial innocence, no matter what we have done in our lives. It is rooted in European soil and culture, in real living alliance with our ancestors yet in dialogue with the wisdom of the East. Their songs still sing in our blood today if we have ears to hear, encouraging us in our search for peace.

Despite the pressures of modern life, it is still possible to find the door to inner calm. This door is easier to find in what the Celts called ‘thin places’ in nature, where the local gods can touch the heart and reveal the vastness of the Spirit, the infinite liberation of innocence.

The seed-idea… is the gathering of an informal, mobile tribe (clan) of spiritual warriors engaged in the search for the original power of the heart. This entails a new way of looking at the world and responding to it. The elements of nature inspire practice of a more consistent and focused spiritual life. The warrior becomes an unhesitating arrow, shot from infinity.” Andrew Peers


♦ Andrew Peers is an Anglo-Irishman who spent over 20 years in Andrew lightened with Photoscape - CopyTrappist monasteries in England, Ireland and the Netherlands. In 2011, after a powerful vision, he left the Order and embarked on a different quest. He offers retreats involving meditation and drum work and supports these with a series of modules designed to re-educate the mind in its approach to spirituality.

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